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Intex Technologies, the Indian Electronics manufacturer and the Telecommunication Company. Who is the owner of Intex Technologies, Know about the owner of Intex Technologies. Get all the information about the company Intex Technologies. Intex Technologies (India) Ltd, an Indian market holder in terms of the mobile handset and IT accessories producer.


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About The owner of Intex Technologies Company

The Second largest Indian handset maker Intex Technologies is owned by Narendra Bansal. In fact, The business mind of Narendra Bansal, the owner of Intex technologies started with the knack for sourcing and selling cheaper electronics accessories for buying snacks for himself.  Currently, Narendra Bansal holds an average of ₹600-crore industry assets that involves the trading of computer accessories from 10 years since he had set up his company, Intex Technologies, started its operation in the year,1996.

During 1980, no sentiments laid the path for leading Bansal from refusing to join the family’s grain selling business.In addition, his father owned a store in Old Delhi’s Naya Bazaar.

“Growing up I didn’t find any inspiration in the business, or in the shop environment with its mattresses and easy-going air,” spoken by Bansal.

The rambling teen became an entrepreneur even before ending his high school. Currently, Keshav Bansal – son of Narendra Bansal is the active director of the company.


  • Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company NameIntex Technologies
FounderNarendra Bansal
HeadquartersNew Delhi, India
Official Websitewww.IntexTechnologies.com

  • Company Logo

who is the owner of Intex Technologies

who is the owner of Intex Technologies


  • Bio of the owner of Intex Technologies (Wiki)

Narendra Bansal, the owner of Intex Technologies. By birth a Bhadra Rajasthan, born in 1963. In general, his qualification strengthened after,

  • Narendra Bansal commenced his business enterprise by the trading of many Compact Cassettes.
  • Again, he started an extra company that trafficked with the import of floppy disks, Ethernet cards, and other accessories.
  • In 2000, he induced the manufacturing unit of Multimedia Speakers.

Narendra Bansal achieved his graduation in commerce from the University of Delhi.

  • Details of the Company

Intex Technologies, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The Intex Technologies ranges in varied manufacturing units including Indian Consumer Electronics,  Tablet, Mobile, Laptop, accessories, and Telecommunications Company. Also, the company’s processes are conducted by a world-class collaborative business solution. Namely, the SAP on a VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK. Moreover, the company concentrates on IT Accessories, Sub-woofer, Mobile Phones, LED TV, Tablet PC, and Data Card.

The Company possessing an asset of more than 11,000 employees, Intex Technologies has proved itself as an esteemed fame in the industry today. In fact, the company’s flagship brand is ‘INTEX’.


  • Every month Intex promises a sale of about 1.5 lakh speakers, which is a count not seen in any other company of India.

Also, the other bestseller products of Intex includes mouse and power banks, even they are sold over one lakh per month. Furthermore, The company’s control of the computer accessories business in India is almost whole.

Intex has a PAN-India propinquity over its broad network spanning 29 stock and sales offices. Furthermore, then again another 1100+ service touch points.

Finally the company’s vision :

  • Make Intex a globally respected name
  • improve the quality of life of the people

In addition to the continuous trading markets of Intex Technologies, lately, Intex made an allegement with Reliance Jio as an open agreement. This pairing provides an instant Rs. 2000 Cashback from Reliance Jio on the purchase of selected Intex Mobile phones. This was termed as the Reliance Football offer.

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