Who is the owner of Ringing Bells | Freedom 251

Who is the owner of Ringing Bells India - Wiki and Profile

Ringing Bells is the cheapest smartphone maker in India. Know more about the owner of Ringing Bells and more Company information. Ringing Bells Private Limited, is a Private company famous for its Freedom 251 model. The company belonged to the Ponzi Scheme or a fraudulent organization. Know who is the owner of Freedom 251.

About the owner of Ringing Bells

Ringing Bells was incorporated on 16 September 2015. The company, Listed as a Non-govt company, registered at Registrar of Companies, Delhi.

The authorized share capital of Ringing Bells, assumed Rs 10,000,000, and it’s Paid-up capital -Was rs 6,000,000.
The Ringing Bells was further involved in the Manufacture of television and radio transmitters plus apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy.

Mohit Goel – the founder of Ringing Bells attempted to provide the world’s cheapest smartphone. Mohit Goel cracked the “secret” of selling the mobile phone at a dirt-cheap cost. The idea behind the cheapest phone came to his mind from his maid who asked for a smartphone and was further inspired by the newspaper’s business model. “He started researching and found that the printing cost of a newspaper is around Rs 80-90 per copy but is sold at Rs 5 due to subsidies and advertisements.

Who is the owner of Freedom 251 India - Wiki and Profile
Who is the owner of Freedom 251 India – Wiki and Profile

Thus he got in touch with the Taiwan-based company, smartphone makers for just Rs 1,431. Thereupon ended with a tie-up and sold the phone under name of Freedom 251.

  • Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name Ringing Bells
Founder  Mohit Goel
Founded  2015
Official Website www.ringingbells.co.in
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Who is the owner of Ringing Bells India - Wiki and Profile
Who is the owner of Ringing Bells India – Wiki and Profile
  • Details of the owner of Ringing Bells(Wiki)

The director of Ringing Bells and promoter of the device qualified as an engineering graduate. His family leads farming for a living.

Goel, guided by his wife Dhaarna, is also the CEO of Ringing Bells. The tech company was incorporated in September 2015.  The incorporation took place just after his graduation.  Mohit Goel further wanted to bring Ringing Bells sim card.

  • Details of the Company

The company drew consideration when it declared the launch of Freedom 251, a 3G smartphone. The company brought the 3G smartphone at a price of ₹ 251. The factor that made it the world’s cheapest smartphone was its parts brought from Chinese Markets.  Mohit Goel, owner of Ringing Bells claimed on 16 December 2016 that more than 70,000 pieces were already delivered by the company.

Also, the owner of Ringing Bells assured of delivery of the rest orders sooner. But the Government of India, after realizing the fraudulent trading, the company got shut down and the owner was jailed on the allegation of fraud. The company was headquartered in Noida, India.

The Freedom 251 model mobile phone, is really a Chinese product whose brand name was masked by a Whitner.

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