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What Is International Fish Farming and Holding Company PJSC - Asmak
Know about the Owner of ASMAK (International Fish Farming and Holding Company PJSC – Asmak) Company. Also find the Logo, ASMAK wiki, and full company details of ASMAK.

ASMAK is establishing, managing, and operating fish farms; producing, preserving, and processing fish and fish products; trading in fish and fish products, as well as undertaking real estate operations, such as purchase, sale, management, and lease of real estate property company and the primary provider of fresh and frozen seafood in the Middle East.

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Owner of International Fish Farming and Holding Company PJSC - Asmak

Asmak, was incorporated in the year 1999.  ASMAK, headquartered is in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name  International Fish Farming and Holding Company PJSC – Asmak
Official Website  ASMAK
CEO Mr. Mamoon Othman
Founded May 1999
Company size 501-1000 employees
Head Office Abu Dhabi, UAE
INTERFISHMARKET GmbHBadstrasse 45400 Baden
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Full Information about the owner of ASMAK

The ASMAK holding company, major shares held by Royal Groups with the shareholding of 33.3787%.  Thus, we can conclude that the owner of ASMAK holding company, UAE is Royal Group.

Furthermore, Shemeera Financial Investments LLC holds an 11.323% share of the company from  Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX).

Mr. Mamoon Othman, current chairman of  ASMAK.

Mr. Mamoon Othman, current Chief Executive officer of ASMAK.

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Full Information about the ASMAK of UAE

ASMAK fisheries and food holding company, currently running with 13 subsidiaries, including  Italy, Oman, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi Land General Contracting L.L.C. Alliance Seafoods Company L.L.C. Asmak Seafood Processing Company L.L.C. Emirates Stallions Properties L.L.C. Gulf Dunes Landscaping and Agricultural Services L.L.C. Asmak Quriyat International L.L.C. Century Real Estate Management L.L.C. Asmak Al Arab Company L.L.C. Meena Holdings L.L.C. Alliance Food Security Company L.L.C.

The International Holding Company is a public joint company engaged in managing and operating fish farms around the globe and UAE. Even producing and processing preserved foods and fish products.

Progressive Real Estate Development L.L.C, Lazio Real Estate Investment L.L.C,  Abu Dhabi Mountain Gate Property Investment L.L.C.

As well as the undertaking of real estate business is one of the major operations performed under the different subsidiary companies owned by the International holding company- AMSAK.

The ASMAK sticks to the fastest-growing brands in UAE and also the most supermarkets in the region always welcome products from them.

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Full List of customer care of UAE

Contract number:

  • +971 6 743 5727
  •  +971 6 743 5522


  • info@asmak.biz
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