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Puppy Cake is a treat manufacturing company, producing Puppy Cake products, It is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States and specialised in Pet Industry, Co-packing, Amazon E-Commerce, and E-commerce.

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Owner of Puppy Cake

Kelly is passionate about manufacturing and personally oversees all Puppy Cake product manufacturing to guarantee quality and safety.Treats are safe and of high quality, and products are good enough to eat.
In 2007, Kelly thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if they made that for dogs?” while looking at old cake mix advertisements for a client of mine.

That was the epiphany for her. And realized that dog owners all over the world wanted to give their dogs safe and healthy cakes and treat them like family. She worked out of her kitchen in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Bellevue, Pennsylvania, starting with just a few flavors. Puppy Cake grew gradually, and we started selling a whole line of treats. Cake and ice cream mixes are their most popular items.

In 2013, they started making all of our products in their Evans City, Pennsylvania, factory. However, by 2020, they had outgrown our Evans City location and had relocated our production to Portersville, Pennsylvania, a small town.With a modern factory, their move to Portersville was a significant milestone.

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Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name Puppy Cake
Official Website puppycake.com
Founder / Owner Kelly Costello
Founded 2007
CEO Kelly Costello
Head Office Portersville, Pennsylvania
1351 Perry Hwy, Portersville, Pennsylvania 16051, US
Company size 11-50 employees
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Company Official Logo
 Who is The Owner of Puppy Cake | Wiki

Who is The Owner of Puppy Cake | Wiki

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Full Information about the Puppy Cake

Chaney is offering 25% of her business in exchange for a $50,000 investment. She brings Minnie, her own dog, to show how much dogs like the treat. Robert Herjavec is curious as to why pet owners cannot simply purchase a standard cake mix. Chaney says that her Puppy Cakes are made in a way that won’t upset the pet’s stomach.
When Kevin O’Leary inquires about sales, he gets right to the point. Chaney has sold $80,000 worth of goods in four years. It is insufficient to pique the Sharks’ interest.

Although not particularly impressive, sales have been steady. Lori Greiner wants to know how the Puppy Cake brand is being promoted. Treat mixes are available online and in 150 retail establishments. Is Chaney’s solid foothold in the market sufficient to compensate for the low sales figures?

“What percentage of the population is going to say, Honey, let’s not make dinner for the kids?” asks Kevin O’Leary. Make it for the dog, please!” If Chaney is going to make a deal, she needs to persuade the Sharks that there is a substantial market for her product. She counters O’Leary’s criticism with compelling statistics, such as the number of dog owners who celebrate their pets’ birthdays. Mark Cuban is curious as to why her company has not expanded over the past four years. Chaney says that she thinks her business is being held back by her own lack of connections and sales skills.

  • How To Contact Puppy Cake?

Contact Puppy Cake

Email: help@puppycake.com and orders@puppycake.com

Phone Number: (412) 943-7250, (412) 943-7199

Text: (412) 927-1197 8 AM to 4 PM (Monday through Friday)

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