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What Is YOU Broadband India Limited
You Broadband India Ltd., a broadband service provider in India. Know more about the owner of YOU Broadband and more Company information. You Broadband India Ltd., an independent ISPs in India. Providing high-speed Internet, voice and video services through cable modem platform to residential, corporate customers, and SMEs.

You Broadband India Ltd. provides broadband connectivity services.


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Owner of YOU Broadband India Limited
owner of you broadband India Limited - Wiki and profile

owner of you broadband India

Incorporated in 2001. You Broadband, heretofore known as Iqara telecom, was launched by the British Gas company in 2001. Owing to ample growth in Internet broadband and cable users, Citigroup Venture Capital International (CVCI) became the primitive owner in 2006.

On the date, Mar 30, 2016 -You Broadband & Cable got acquired by Vodafone India for $59,900,000. Owing to the idea -“to strengthen its presence in the home broadband segment”.

You Broadband India Ltd. headquarters in Mumbai.


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Some Information About The Company / Company Wiki
Company Name You Broadband India Ltd.
Founder  British Gas company
Now a subsidiary of Vodafone India Ltd
Founded   2001
Official Website youbroadband.in
Startus Active
Head Office Mumbai, India
Plot No. 54, Marol Co-operative Industrial Estate
Makwana, Andheri (E)
Mumbai – 400 059
You Broadband India customer care  022-71134100 (Head Office)
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Company Official Logo
owner of you broadband India Limited - Wiki and Logo

owner of you broadband India Limited – Wiki and Logo

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Uyuni Chakravarthy, current Chief Executive Officer of You Broadband India Ltd. Elected as CEO from 2002 till present. Experienced before as the head of Southern Zone Hathway Cable. Uyuni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in  Commerce.  He is also, a certified Chartered Accountant (CA).

YOU Broadband India Limited is now a subsidiary of Vodafone India Ltd.


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Full Information about the YOU Broadband India Limited

Your broadband serves through all the functionalities in video streaming, internet, and telecommunications.  Also, You provides other facilities including VOIP (Voice Over Internet), allowing the users to make international calls at cheaper rates.

After 2003, the company expanded favorably in Surat, Ahmedabad, and Baroda. Afterward,  the company grew into several other cities in India. Currently, Your broadband cover 18 cities around India.

Who is the owner of you broadband India Limited - Wiki and Logo

Who is the owner of your broadband India Limited – Wiki and Logo

YOU broadband is India’s first ISO accredited broadband service provider. YOU Broadband possesses beyond 3000 km of optic fiber cable and 17000 km of the latest mile coaxial cable network in all its operational cities. Resulting in, facilitating world-class service to its customers. Ultimately, the company has so far invested Rs 4 billion on broadband cable infrastructure.  You broadband employes more than 2000 employs around the country.

For corporate and SME customers, the company ( YOU broadband ) offers a dedicated leased line to send immense amounts of data. You broadband holds to be the first Broadband operator in India to offer 100 Mbps to homes. YOU is also one of the first companies to introduce IP phones in India.


  • You Broadband India customer care

Full list of all YOU Broadband customer
  • Mumbai ( Registered Office ) 91212 91212
  • Navi Mumbai – 9121291212
  • Nashik – 9121291212
  • Visakhapatnam – 9121291212
  • Vijayawada – 9121291212
  • Thane – 9121291212
  • Pune – 9121291212
  • Hyderabad – 9121291212
  • Kakinada – 9121291212
  • Bangalore – 9121291212
  • Chennai – 9121291212
  • Vapi – 9512012000
  • Navsari – 9512012000
  • Vadodara – 9512012000
  • Ahmedabad – 9512012000
  • Gurgaon – 9512012000
  • Surat – 9512012000
  • Rajkot – 9512012000
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  1. Who is in charge of You Broadband office at Pune. Name and cell number. We have an important issue to discuss. Our Society has 30 subscribers of You Broadband. We are not getting a clear reply for several months. We will have to discontinue.

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